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November 23, 2015
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March 23, 2016

Mommy’s Little Memes

Internet memes are funny because they are true.  They are fun, because they are endlessly adaptable…

At My Baby Prints we allow parents to create keepsakes that feature their child’s own unique hand or footprints, as well as their unique sense of humor and style.

We are in the process of streamlining our order process and creating a new set of user-friendly templates for footprint designs.  Not only will these templates be easy to use, they will look professional and can be customized with prints, names and colors for a special gift or keepsake.

Of course, the devil is in the details!

Not wishing to leave anyone out, we started thinking that we need a template for football and soccer – “Mommy’s Little Kicker” – professions – “Daddy’s Little Fireman,” “Daddy’s Little Policeman,” “Mommy’s Little Nurse” – other family members – “Grandma’s Little Angel,” “Grandpa’s Little Fishin’ Buddy” and on and on and on.

Unfortunately, we only have so much space, and will inevitably leave someone out.

So here’s the deal.  We’re going to put up one template that can be endlessly customized: “­_________’s Little _________”. 

Just let us know how you’d like to fill this one in.  It could be “Mommy’s Little Miracle” – How sweet!  Or “Mommy’s Little Mess-Maker” – How accurate!  (After a couple of years, that is.)

You might take this the traditional route, as in “Daddy’s Little Princess,” or have fun with an inside joke, such as “Mommy’s Little Meatball.”

Whatever your taste, we are happy to help create a special gift or memento.  Designs can be placed on mugs, t-shirts, ornaments, gift boxes and more.  To get started, simply send a picture of your child’s hand or footprints to [email protected] with a description of your gift idea.

We’ll help you create something as special as your child!




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