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September 23, 2015
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November 23, 2015

We’ll Clean up your Messy Handprints

No, not the ones on your table, mirrors, windows, TV, etc.  You are stuck with those… and so am I, unfortunately.

What My Baby Prints can do is help you to create a beautiful handprint keepsake using whatever type of print you are able to take from your squirming child.  Because let’s face it – baby doesn’t care too much about momma’s engraved pendant or daddy’s new stainless steel key chain.

In an earlier post, we gave some tips for getting a clear hand or footprint image using the My Baby Prints Inkless Wipe Kit.  The Kit includes inkless baby-safe wipes and reactive paper that allow you to take the impression of your child’s hand and footprints without using messy ink.  For example, we suggest that you have two grown-ups assist – one to hold the child, and the other to take the child’s prints.  The treated paper provides enough room to take several prints, and invisible ink mitigates your disaster risk.

That being said, children can be somewhat “enthusiastic” and create some “abstract artwork” in the process.

Here is an example of a little girl’s hand prints taken using the My Baby Prints Kit:

Hey – it will work!  We love our kids the way they are, and really, perfection is over-rated.

My Baby Prints can just take out some of the extra fingers and background noise, and help you to turn the messy handprints into a design you love:

The important thing about the hand and footprints used in our designs is that they belong to your child, and they are precious to you.  If you have a print you would like to use to create a keepsake item – whether from a My Baby Prints Inkless kit, school project, or birth certificate – simply send a photo or scan of the image it to us via our Design Help page with a description of the type of item you would like to create.  We are happy to help.

(With your keepsake, that is… you are on your own with the rest of your child-clean-up duties! :) )

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