Frequently Asked Questions

1Is My Baby Prints Safe?
The inkless wipes in our Starter Kit are completely non-toxic and baby-safe. Simply wash with soap after use.
2Can I order more products later?
All of your handprint images and designs will be saved securely on the website, so that you can log in to order additional items at any time. You can also share your designs via social media or e-mail.
3Is it difficult to take a handprint?
It is very easy to use My Baby Prints™ Starter Kit, which includes inkless wipes and treated paper. (Simply wipe, stamp, and snap a picture.) That being said, working with a baby or toddler is always unpredictable! We offer some tips to help children cooperate in our blog post on the subject. It is useful to take an older child’s handprint first, so that younger children will understand the process.
4Are the hand and footprints on My Baby Prints™ the child’s actual size print?
MyBabyPrints™ will extract the handprint from the paper background and give you a transparent, scalable image. The size of the final design is up to you as you edit in the design studio.
5What if my child is grown up, but I still want a baby footprint keepsake?
No problem! In fact, you may need a reminder of when they were tiny and sweet more than ever. While the My Baby Prints™ Starter Kit is an easy way to get a hand or footprint image, it isn’t the only way. Our program can work with any digital picture of a print. For example, you could take a picture of the footprint on your child’s birth certificate. You could take a picture of your own footprint on your birth certificate – the process works the same way! This is a great option for families who would like to create a project using all of their children’s “first footprints.”
6How do I get started?
Get your footprints or handprints today with the My Baby Prints™ Starter Kit! Our Starter Kit comes with instructions and everything you need to take a clear print image and begin designing a special keepsake for your family.