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April 7, 2016
Our First Hospital
August 19, 2016

High tech or low tech, My Baby Prints has Easy-Order Options

When a new baby is on the way, the whole family gets involved.waiting for baby

One of our favorite things about visiting Tift Regional Medical Center, our first hospital partner, is seeing the “party atmosphere” of the waiting area.  There is usually at least one clan camped out in the OB waiting area.  Grandmas and grandpas, kids with coloring books, uncles, aunts and friends, nervous dads… you get the idea!

More often than not, babies keep everyone waiting for some time.

Since everyone wants to join in on the celebration of a new baby, we wanted to make the My Baby Prints order process friendly and simple for all types of people.  We want to make the whole process easy – from capturing footprints with our inkless wipe kit, to selecting a product and design, and adding your own customizations for a unique keepsake.  After all, you want to spend time cuddling the new baby, not in front of a computer!

That’s why we are working on new easy-order options.


  1. Streamlined iphone App

AppOur iphone app makes ordering from your cell phone incredibly easy!  Simply download the app in the Appstore to get started.  From the app, here’s how it works:

  • Select a product
  • Choose a design and colors and enter any custom information, like name or date of birth
  • Take a picture of the footprint
  • Check out

Voila!  We will incorporate your footprint image, name and color selections into the design.  It will be printed on the product you selected and sent to you via first class shipping.  If you would like any special additions, for example adding a name or date to a design that doesn’t have one, simply let us know in the comments.  We will be happy to help.

You can now complete the entire order process, including secure payment, from the hospital using your iphone.  An Android app is also in the works!


  1. Catalog and Order Form

Lets face it, sometimes it’s nice to do things the old-fashioned way.  That’s why we are including an 8-page product catalog and order forms in our inkless wipe kit.

You know how easy it is to order Girl Scout Cookies or those chocolates from school?  That’s how easy we want to make ordering from the kit catalog.  Also, since babies are on their own schedule, we want to give families the chance to pass around the catalog while they are waiting.

Our catalog is simple.  The first page features 24 footprint and handprint designs and color options, and the other sections feature keepsake and apparel products that you can customize.  The catalog also includes a selection of Jewelry items, with special pricing on jewelry bundles!

To order, simply choose a design and a product and complete the enclosed order form.

Submit a picture of your order form and footprints at through our secure Upload Order Form link, and we will process the order to your specifications.  We will send an e-mail to the address provided with your product images so that you can approve before the order is printed.  If there are any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask hospital staff or contact us directly at 844-422-2977.

We want to help you celebrate the special day!

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