High tech or low tech, My Baby Prints has Easy-Order Options
June 13, 2016

Our First Hospital

My Baby Prints is excited to announce a partnership with our first hospital, Tift Regional Medical Center!


 My Baby Prints™ Now Available at Tift Regional Medical Center

Create Keepsakes Using Actual Newborn’s Footprint Image

Georgia June & Company, LLC announced that the “My Baby Prints™” product line to is now available at Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC), allowing newborn parents to create unique keepsakes featuring their new baby’s actual hand or footprints.  The product helps parents and family to “capture the moment” of a child’s birth.

The My Baby Prints™ “Starter Kit,” available at the TRMC Auxiliary’s gift shop, features an inkless baby-safe wipe and treated paper to easily take a clear imprint of the newborn’s feet.  Parents can customize and order keepsakes, jewelry and apparel featuring their child’s actual prints using a simple i-phone app, website, or catalog included with the kit.

To order, parents simply take a photo of the prints and upload at www.mybabyprints.com.  The website features a patent-pending algorithm which extracts the footprint image from a photograph, resulting in a clear, isolated image that may be used to create individualized designs.  My Baby Prints™ offers a variety of pre-made design templates that parents can customize with their child’s prints, name, date of birth, etc.


Product Display Case

Dr. Jerry Purvis Jr., founder, came up with the concept for My Baby Prints after the birth of his daughter.  “I stamped her feet on my t-shirt when they did the birth certificate prints,” he said.  “I asked her grandmother to fill in the outlines with indelible ink so that it wouldn’t fade.”  Dr. Purvis and his partner, Brandon Johnson, later developed My Baby Prints™ to provide parents with a means to preserve their children’s hand and footprints and display them on personalized keepsakes that would not fade with time.

It is the goal of My Baby Prints™ to help families create and keep childhood memories. The company supports a variety of charities, including Every Mother Counts, an organization that promotes maternal health initiatives.

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