Our Process

M ost parents have the image of their child’s hand or footprints somewhere around the house.  Whether on a Kindergarten art project on the fridge, or safely locked away on a birth certificate, these images are precious to parents, grandparents, and everyone involved in the child’s life.  Just the act of looking at a tiny hand or foot can melt your heart – reminding you of the great gift and responsibility of raising a child.

My Baby Prints™ allows you to safely and easily capture the image of your child’s hand or footprints, using them to design unique gifts, keepsakes and apparel.  You can forget the messy paint or ink – using our simple ink-free starter kit, parents now have a way to take a clear hand or footprint without a hassle.



How It Works

My Baby Prints™ provides technology that extracts the image of your child’s actual hand or footprint from paper. The resulting high-quality image can then be used to design unique and timeless mementos. 

Stamp Prints

This can be very easily done using the My Baby Prints™ Starter Kit. Our Kit contains two non-toxic, inkless wipes and two sheets of reactive paper – enough to take several hand or footprints. Simply wipe a clean hand or foot with the inkless solution, then press and hold to the paper briefly. A clear hand or footprint image will appear instantly – children love to watch the “magic” ink at work! Parents love the fact that this non-toxic solution will only work on the treated paper and not on clothing, furniture, etc.

Take Picture

Once you have a handprint, you will want to take a picture of it with a smartphone or digital camera then save the image on your computer. You can also run the paper through a scanner and save the image as a .jpeg file. Make sure you have good lighting and save the image where you will be able to find it later.

Design and Order

This is the fun part! Let your creativity flow in our user-friendly design studio! From our website, www.mybabyprints.com, navigate to the “Design” link at the top of the home page. Click “Upload Image” and select “Upload BabyPrint,” then add your hand or footprint picture. Our patented algorithm will pull just the handprint from its paper background, giving you a handprint image that you can color, resize, rotate and apply to any of our products. But this isn’t just any hand or footprint – it belongs to your special little one!

Design Templates

My Baby Prints™ also offers design templates that can help you get started on a professional-quality design.  The site will safely store hand and footprint images and designs so that you can return to create additional products at any time.  The same handprint may be used on a gift for Grandma, a Christmas ornament, a key chain, etc.  The only limit is your imagination!

Why leave your newborn’s little footprint on the birth certificate, locked away in a safe-deposit box?  MyBabyPrints™ can help you to put that footprint on a wide variety of keepsakes – from keychains to t-shirts – which you will use and cherish each day!


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