Our Story

The story starts with Dr. Jerry G. Purvis. Jr.’s desire to commemorate the birth of his youngest child, Georgia June. He stamped his child’s footprints on his t-shirt, and wrote her name below.

The shirt was a source of great pride for the doctor, but he couldn’t wear the shirt often because the prints would wash away! He filled in the footprints with indelible ink to keep the silhouette, but over time the nuances of the actual footprints were lost.

My Baby Prints was born out of the desire Dr. Purvis had to preserve the tiny baby prints forever, and to share this concept with parents around the world.

After discussing his idea with Brandon Johnson, a software developer, the two collaborated on a technology solution that would make the entire process simple and convenient using modern digital image processing techniques.

This process is now patent pending, and can be used to create an ever-growing variety of keepsakes that can be customized with your child’s unique handprints and footprints!

It is our hope that you enjoy the process of preserving your child’s prints, and that the experience brings the same love and pride into your life as it has brought to ours.

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