Create one-of-a-kind keepsakes with the image of your child’s hand or footprints

My Baby Prints™ allows you to safely and easily capture the image of your child’s hand or footprints and use them design custom clothing, keepsakes, jewelry, and more. Forget the messy paint or ink – our simple ink-free starter kit gives parents a pain-free way to take a clear hand or footprint. If you already have your own prints, that will work too! Simply upload your prints from your smartphone or tablet to get started!

Do you have:

A My Baby Prints™ Starter Kit?

Our starter kit is the perfect way to easily capture your child's hand or footprints without the mess using our unique inkless process.

A Birth Certificate with Prints?

Your child's birth certificate often is stamped with the child's footprints, and can easily be used to create your own custom products!

A Hand or Footprint from a School Project?

Virtually any hand or footprint on paper can be digitized using our process to design and create memorable and long-lasting keepsakes!

Have Prints?

Use an existing hand or footprint - for example, a birth certificate or school project. Upload an image from your smartphone or tablet now and begin!
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Need Prints?

Our simple inkless kit will be at your door before you know it! Detailed instructions guide you through how to safely capture a hand or footprint.
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